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Posted: 11‑12‑2012 18:21


Ghost Grabber
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3 weeks or so ago, I posted a picture of me obtaining 65 combat. But I'm back.



Posted: 11‑12‑2012 18:23


Troll Trasher
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Congrats! Nice helm :P


Posted: 11‑12‑2012 19:07


Fire Flipper
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Congratulations! :D

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Posted: 11‑12‑2012 21:21


Goat Herder
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Good Work Warkings! Feels good :)

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Posted: 11‑12‑2012 23:48


Rat Squasher
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Congratulations! Hard work = rewards, that's for you :)


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Posted: 11‑13‑2012 01:59


Goat Herder
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Grats warkings! You deserve it.

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