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Combat: 75 Magic Woot

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Posted: 04‑17‑2013 18:53


Minotaur Maker
432 posts

Wooot!! Finally got that 75 Magic! Also glad to be on the Diamond Wand +4 Stat Boost Status ;D haha.

"Consilio Non Petu" - *By Wisdom, Not Force*


Posted: 04‑17‑2013 18:57


Alligator Dodger
370 posts
Grats :D

Feels good don't it? ;)

Thinking of coming back, if I used to know/play with you, hit me up.


Posted: 04‑17‑2013 19:40


Troll Trasher
148 posts
I am starting to train my magic again till I get 75 too :D


My youtube channel is at "slayertike tike". I post a couple videos a week :D


Posted: 04‑17‑2013 20:51


Ghost Grabber
597 posts
Congratulations! I remember getting the diamond wand. The +4 bonus helps me virtually every time I fight something.

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Posted: 04‑17‑2013 21:09


Fire Flipper
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-QuaCzar : SysOp | Anarchy Leader | #1 Magic


Posted: 04‑18‑2013 06:46


Minotaur Maker
432 posts
Thanks a whole bunch guys!!

"Consilio Non Petu" - *By Wisdom, Not Force*


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