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Combat: pvp rules?

Posted: 02‑14‑2015 00:00


Bat Slapper
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I have looked through the forums, and have not found an answer to this: Can we train pvp on our own alt? I have not done this, but have spent many hours the only person online and have been tempted to. Ive asked a couple people and got mixed answers, so i figure this is the place to ask and get a definite yes or no.

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Posted: 02‑14‑2015 05:43


Fire Flipper
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I have never made an official rule on using alts to train PVP; as long as the practice does not result in any problems for me I'm okay with looking the other way.

For those that don't understand that last sentence ... it means if there are other players online, you should try to PVP with them before going at it solo.


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