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Posted: 02‑19‑2009 01:56


Fire Flipper
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Welcome to the Complaint Department. Remember that all rules still apply here and you are expected to behave. Name calling and four letter words will really do nothing to make you feel better and the repercussions could make things worse.

Know that I have spent years working on Queville; while I may get a check from the Google ads every once in a while, they don't put a dent on the money I have spent on hosting and bandwidth ... not to mention the two computers I bought to become game servers (one for players, one for DevTeam) and the costs of running them 24/7.

I have put my blood sweat and tears into this game, and I am truly sorry that you are not happy with my work. Unfortunately, it is not possible to make everyone happy and some players feel the need to complain ... so here is a place for them to do so.


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