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Complaints: UsMarine

Posted: 07‑04‑2012 01:43


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Abusing his moderator powers. If it is like this, I do not believe this is quite fair to have him with moderator abilities if he will just abuse them and mess with posts.

So basically UsMarine changed the post, changing Mixmaster2's words into compliments for himself. To me and most likely others, this is an example of moderator abuse.

Thinking of coming back, if I used to know/play with you, hit me up.


Posted: 07‑05‑2012 21:21


Fire Flipper
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I don't even know who mixmaster2 is, other than someone on a noob account, apparently trying to start trouble.

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Posted: 07‑06‑2012 00:07


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I don't normally talk about actions taken against other players, but to set the record straight and be perfectly clear about these rumors:

MixMaster was banned for cussing me out; UsMarine had nothing to do with MixMaster's ban what-so-ever.

As Qua pointed out, nobody even knows if this is MixMaster posting or some other trouble maker, but in any case ... if anyone posts profanity on the forums you can expect moderators to clean it up, if not outright delete it altogether.

This is not YouTube and I won't tolerate this nonsense - anything posted on this forum must be suitable for a 13 year old child to read. No parent wants to let their kids play on an x-rated game so it is important for the success of Queville that we all behave while playing.

And that includes in-game chat ... I gave moderators the ability to mute players for a reason, and they will not hesitate to use that ability should the need arise.


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