Complaints: Lava Mountain

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Posted: 10‑03‑2012 06:09


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Joe said:

PS: As of right now, all members can still access the Lava Mountain, however I should point out that in a future update that area will be for paying members only.

I think this is unfair. Only members will be able to mine and smith lava and after all the work we put into this we shouldn't have to pay just to keep the ability to do so.

Don't get me wrong. Members is great and I'll probably buy it yet it shouldn't restrict players that don't want to buy it.

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Posted: 10‑03‑2012 13:20


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I agree with u. Joe can make special area for players who pay-for-play, not use current maps, where are best monsters and ores to earn experience and cash.

Greetings, Skrobkus


Posted: 10‑03‑2012 14:52


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I agree with Joe and Doomknt, Joe does have the right to do that, I mean look at other games how much extra do members get? I completely think making a new map space for members only but maybe make it a members only teleport spot, and create a members world with new weapons which can be kept after membership expires. after all what about a 14 yr old like me? my parents pay for everything I do so it would take a long time for me to convince them and I'm sure the same applies to alot of people who play and are under 18.

Hope you value and think about my opinion and how it could be done and if it could be done.

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Posted: 10‑03‑2012 16:06


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It's not that hard to mine to level 80.

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Posted: 10‑03‑2012 19:45


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Guard said:

It's not that hard to mine to level 80.

Although it's extremely hard to get to level 80 smithing and if you can't acquire the ore then you'd have to buy it.

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Posted: 10‑03‑2012 20:50


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This would increase the price of lava quite.

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