Complaints: Lava Mountain

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Posted: 10‑04‑2012 14:25


Minotaur Maker
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Steal said:

This would increase the price of lava quite.

Hmm.. I should have worded this differently :|

This would increase the value of lava quite.

cold never bothered me anyways..."
- Elsa


Posted: 10‑04‑2012 15:54


Fire Flipper
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Joe can make special area for players who pay-for-play, not use current maps, where are best monsters and ores to earn experience and cash.

I did construct such a place ... it's called the Lava Mountain. And the only reason free players have had access to it is because of a two year delay in getting the pay-to-play online.

In the entire history of Queville, not once has it ever made a profit - Google Ads have never covered the hosting expense. Not to mention all the computers, software, and hardware I've bought over the year. All of your "hard work" was paid for by me.

And if someone is going to spend all of the time using my resources to be able to mine Lava Ore, then I don't think asking them to pay a little something is asking too much.

If not, they can always obtain Lava Ore from someone who is paying. To me, this is more about providing the paying members a perk than restricting free players. They are paying your way, so giving them access to more resources is very fair.

And while Queville will be "free to play forever", that doesn't mean the entire game will be free - a members area has been in the works from the very foundation. There is still a lot of content available for free even without the Lava Mountain.

It is my opinion that Queville is one of the best valued games online.


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Posted: 10‑04‑2012 21:18


Fire Flipper
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Joe has said somewhere he planned for it to be a P2P area. It has always been walled off. Before he opened the gate, without lava, we had fun. Joe has been talking P2P since the volcano. Just because he opened the gate for everyone for a while doesn't mean it was intended to be a free area.

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Posted: 10‑05‑2012 09:09


Goblin Chaser
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Alright, alright. So, where players with 80+ combat, magic, range erc. can earn experience without P2P? They can't earn it on sharks forever.

Greetings, Skrobkus


Posted: 10‑06‑2012 00:43


Fire Flipper
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Remember where the magic guild used to be? The island ... it will become a high level training area. I'm not happy with the boat combat, I want less water and more land. Will remap about 11 screens over there.

Relax guys .... I have a plan, for years people have doubted me and yet I always come through. Queville is about to become more fun for everyone, paying member or not. New items, quests, monsters, graphics, maps ... the works.


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