Complaints: Lava Mountain

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Posted: 10‑06‑2012 12:19


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Hmm well Joe I put some thought into Guard's suggestion as well. A more easier approach would be to make an Inventory Expansion Item that only P2P members can buy and use, then when they no longer pay for the P2P they keep the Inventory room. This would make sure F2P players could not get the inventory space and for the only way to get it would being have to pay for Membership. In a way, even if a player pays the membership fee, you still get some money out of it.

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Posted: 10‑06‑2012 14:15


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Anything iinside p2p slots when not p2p goes to home

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Posted: 10‑06‑2012 15:54


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To make things easier to organize, if you are complaining about something, post here, if you have a suggestion, please post here. Thanks. :)

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Posted: 11‑10‑2012 21:21


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bradh34 said:

QuaCzar said:

Many people want a P2P area, and this is a way to give them one. Otherwise, a new area would have to be constructed, which could take a while.

Disclaimer; I just skimmed through this post.

I agree people want a P2P area, but taking away from the non-P2P'ers is not the way to go. I say construct it. It would not be fair to take away from non-P2Pers just because they don't wanna pay for a game that I quote; "Queville is free and always will be."

Agreed. im all for paying members having perks but i dont agree with taking away from those who dont pay, to give to those that do, that just aint right. i think it would be better to map another area for paying members or perhaps create warps for paying members, something that will give to p2p members without taking away from f2p members.


Posted: 11‑10‑2012 21:29


Rat Squasher
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Joe stated the Lava Mountain was created for P2P but there was a set back in setting the P2P online payign feature which left Lava Mountain open.

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