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Complaints: Arson???

Posted: 04‑27‑2013 22:01


Rat Squasher
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What is the main goal behind the implementation of the Arson skill? Is there going to be a follow up skill that goes along side it? All it seems to be doing right now is just increasing your Skill Total. And personally it seems like a waste of time to train it because you gain so little experience from any way of training it that it would take ages to get it to any accomplishable levels in a decent amount of time. And the items useable after attaining the higher levels all get trumped at 80 Combat, Magic, Range, and the weapons get trumped earlier. Like the Fire Spear is squashed by the Long Bow, and the Fire Axe is squashed by the Lava Sword. It doesn't make sense to create an almost useless skill? Is there a reason I train it without even knowing I train it? To just raise my Skill Total? Or can I turn that skill off because I hate seeing it pop up every 10 Mining/Smithing Levels.


Posted: 04‑27‑2013 23:02


Fire Flipper
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Well let's see ... initially there was "fire" ... then we added "matches". At some point, I came up with the idea of giving experience for building these fires. So it became a skill.

As for training speed, it seems to be one of the fastest skills to level ... assuming you can afford matches. That is it's real purpose: what us developers call a "money sink". Essentially, every day more and more money is introduced into the game ... without a way to get that money out of the game, inflation gets out of control. In other words, players need something to buy with all the gold they collect.

We have nearly the exact same amount of gold in-game today as we did when I introduced the Arson skill. So it seems to be doing it's job. At least up to a certain point, the highest level players still have stockpiles of gold they may never be able to spend (I'm working on that problem).

There is no way to turn it off, other than to not build fires. You should see less notifications as you level the skill, as each level requires more experience.


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Posted: 04‑28‑2013 05:05


Rat Squasher
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A "Money-Sink"? Matches only cost 20 gold coins per stack of 3? And I'm sure that the highest level players have more than enough gold collected to buy enough matches to not only level up fast but I'm sure they have enough money to last them a decent while. But alrighty thank you for the answer! :D


Posted: 04‑28‑2013 15:46


Fire Flipper
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The fire axe is a tool as well as a weapon. If you are just going to fight, the sword is better. If you are not short of space or time, you can just bring another axe along, and switch, but the fire axe combines the two. It depends on what you are doing.

Go ahead and think the fire spear gets trumped by the longbow. It depends on what you are fighting, and strategy. It might always be better for you, but not always for me.

That's a good thing about matches. They aren't too expensive to buy a few, yet inflation stabilized after they were introduced.

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Posted: 04‑29‑2013 06:52


Minotaur Maker
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Personally I think Arson is both easy and hard, fast and slow to train in its own way. Dependent on how you determine to train it. And I also personally believe that more people choose Fire Spear/Shield(or ring) over the long bow more often. It's not a bad combination really. Higher Armor, Decent Weapon. And plus to be able to wield the Fire Axe AND use it chop trees for fires is an awesome dual capability. As for the money sink part, I'm sure the amount of money spent on matches lowers inflation a lot. Because I can tell yah from a while ago to now, Prices were almost unbearable. And now they are back down.

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