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Posted: 09‑22‑2013 01:05


Rat Squasher
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I have had 3 accounts banned in the last year. 1 was dc97 for "spamming" the other smashet22 for an unknown reason and now watt for an unknown reason.

I would like to say that if I dont get a good reason for the banning or get even 1 of my accounts I am quitting Queville for GOOD.


Posted: 09‑23‑2013 05:35


Fire Flipper
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We have suspended several players for exploiting a gold duplication bug.

While I'm not at liberty to discuss individual accounts for privacy reasons, the guilty parties know who they are and what they did to have their accounts suspended.

It is obviously not in my best interest to banish players from Queville, but when players refuse to follow the rules they leave me no choice.


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