Complaints: Sick of them

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Posted: 02‑28‑2015 14:23


Goblin Chaser
76 posts
Siiksik and Vamp should be banned, due to these two incidents:


KillerZ For Life


Posted: 03‑01‑2015 00:52


Fire Flipper
2306 posts
You sound like a baby lol. Just play the game


Posted: 03‑02‑2015 23:40


Ghost Grabber
617 posts
Can't really read anything and you need to learn how to crop your pictures.

Also, if you're really that soft, I suggest a "self-help" book to so you can get more "grit." The real-world is tough out there, mate. If you let some folks on the internet get to you... you better be ready for the atrocities of the real world.

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Posted: 03‑03‑2015 06:42


Goat Herder
273 posts
I see it fine



Posted: 03‑03‑2015 07:10


Fire Flipper
1486 posts
I'm confused. People wanted me to write them a game where they could fight ... now they complain they are being attacked.

I guess I could turn the Badlands into a hippie paradise or something like that??


DevTeam Member


Posted: 03‑03‑2015 08:05


Goblin Chaser
76 posts
To be clear, it was me attacking them, and I love the risk in training in the badlands.

@Gaurd I'm not letting 'em get to me, just reporting them for this and previous incidents, I think Qua has received a PM about that too. And anyway, sorry I can't crop, but whenever I do it turns out horrible, so my apologies but you could simply right click and press open.

KillerZ For Life


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