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Posted: 04‑27‑2010 21:39


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The most significant updates are "behind the scenes" stuff that players won't actually notice. Like the creation of log files. The logs are separate files that never get "re-written" to make it less suspecting to data failure like the player files. Every time you earn a level, it gets logged. This is an important update that will help maintain the integrity of the player database.

The other big change is the removal of the tutorial. It seems that we lose a lot of new players on the tutorial, and I believe the player base grew faster without it. In time, I will move the computer tutors to the main map where they can help new players learn the ropes. In the meantime, I'm counting on my loyal player base to be helpful to the new players.

Also, I have made significant changes to the loot found in chests. Too many coins were being introduced into the economy which could lead to hyper-inflation. The odds of getting a chest are the same, but some of the rewards are less-than-desirable, like boots for example.

More changes:

Fixed the missing teleport at West Zelie,
Prevent players from opening Barrels in their house,
Added more turkeys to the farmhouse,
Added sundials set to the server's clock


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