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Posted: 04‑06‑2011 13:27


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Rings no longer increase the odds of finding chests, as I just don't like these "hidden" stats that players don't get to see; rings will be more useful as Armor and everyone will know exactly what they do.

While I was there, I changed the list of items you can find when opening a chest ... I removed all instances of coins, and removed the two and three match stacks. This means the odds of finding items more valuable than the ones removed go up, so hopefully chests will be considered more valuable.

But just to make sure chests are something players really want to get, I have added the new "travel boots" as the most rare find. Thus, chests are currently the one way to obtain a pair of these boots, which allow you to walk over ALL travel tiles. They will eventually be available in the Badlands, but for now the only way to get them is from a chest.

I've got to mow the grass, but I'm gonna try to get more work done later today. This update is almost ready.


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