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Posted: 07‑06‑2011 11:28


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And so today I created that new tile and placed some "stumps" around the Badlands. I think it's really nice looking, I like the changes a lot and I'm sure the player base will as well.

You can now find a treasure chest while chopping wood! That should help as an incentive to chopping wood, but I still think it needs more. I'm thinking it through still.

I have brought some old enemies back, both the Buzzard and the Scorpion. Rangers will love the Buzzards as they drop arrows, arrowheads, and feathers. Everything you need to make arrows is right there in the Badlands now.

I'm not sure when I will have time to put this update online, but technically I could do it right now - there are no "loose ends", but at the same time I would like to put in a little more "meat". But basically, it will depend on my hectic work schedule. We'll have to wait and see on this one for now.


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