DevTeam: v10s Summer 2012 Update

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Posted: 05‑06‑2012 00:07


Fire Flipper
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This next update will feature a change to the Player Mod system. I am creating a new class which will be called "SysOp" in homage to old school BBS'. QuaCzar is going to be promoted to this new class.

The idea is to reduce the powers of a regular Player Mod, thus reducing the level of trust required for the position. In doing so I will be able to appoint more Player Mods, which will be become necessary as the game continues to grow.

For example, Player Mods will no longer be able to access player files to know where someone is on the map, what they are carrying in their inventory, or what they have in their house.

Player Mods will still be able to ban and mute problem players, but for a maximum of only three days. It will take a SysOp for a longer ban or mute.

I simply cannot monitor the server 24/7/365 myself and having Player Mods is vital to the future of our game. Overall, I think this will solve some key problems with the current system, and provide a good foundation for the future stability of Queville.


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