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Posted: 01‑08‑2009 09:30


Fire Flipper
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I have added a universal "Find Chest" routine, you can now find chests while both mining and fishing (this replaces finding gems while mining). Rings increase the odds of finding a chest. I have also reworked the "Open Chest" routine, as the old routine was mathematically flawed.

With that ... my main and my alt are both standing in the Badlands on the DevServer to become the first victims of PVP. While it is easy to say there will be PVP, it is not so easy to come up with a system to accommodate it. The system must be both fair and fun for everyone.

So I'm going to start figuring it out. There may be an update before PVP, but with the amount of work involved in an update I think it may be best to hold out. We will see in a few days, it will depend on how the PVP comes along.


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