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Posted: 01‑25‑2016 07:24


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I have come to realize that Queville is something of a world simulator and through it I have come to several realizations about life in general:

The "earth" is millions of years old, while the "world" is only six thousand years old. That is because the "world" does not exist in nature, it is a man-made concept, a concept man made six thousand years ago with the invention of "money". For money does not exist in nature, it is a man-made concept.

And this money is the source of all of man's problems: world wars, famines, hunger, disease, global warming, deforestation, slavery, racism ... virtually all of man's problem go back to the idea that one man can "profit" off of another; that is to say that one man can be "worth" more than another.

It has become my belief that the use of money should be discontinued; that man should go back to living without money. We survived on this earth for thousands upon thousands of years without money, but we have become so addicted to it that people have no idea how to survive without it.

Which is where Dragon Basher will come in: I want to teach children how to hunt game, catch fish, and grow vegetables. Every skill set they are taught in school are skills they need to make money, the entire "system" is designed to create voting tax payers - they teach you nothing about how to survive on Earth.

Dragon Basher will take place in a paleo environment where man is hunted; players will no longer be converting dead animals into money they can store in a bank, they will instead be running for their lives and forced to band together into clans for survival. I'd like to make it so that survival on the 'demo' server is only possible for a few hours.

And then I'd like to let players create their own worlds, where they can experiment with money-free environments and discovering ways we can get off-the-grid and no longer need to store wealth. I believe that Dragon Basher can be more than just a "game", that it can be vehicle for global change where the children realize the truth and can begin to teach their children something other than just how to get a good job.

In short, it is my belief that the economy is a beast that enslaves us to a system that we all know in our hearts is unnatural ... the idea is to free a generation so that the economic chains that bind us can be instead used to control this beast, and get it tied to a tree so it can no longer cause harm to the Earth and it's inhabitants.

I'm aware that some players may not want to participate in this change, to which I must say goodbye and good luck. I can no longer be responsible for teaching children how to use money like I was doing with Queville, my heart simply says it is a foul thing to do and I must repent and cease-and-desist such behavior. Through Dragon Basher, I hope to make amends and repair the damage I have done.

To the players that wish to join me ... I encourage you to find a way to be of help in this campaign to heal the Earth and free mankind. The source code is free and nobody is banned so everyone can participate. I can't do this alone.


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Page Two of my notes reads:

A little over a year ago, I obtained my state fishing license so I could learn how to actually fish for real. At the local pier, I quickly discovered fishing was hard! It took months before I actually caught a fish I could eat.

The first issue was bait: purchasing bait from a store with money would not teach me what I needed to learn, as in a paleo 'caveman' environment there would be no money to buy bait at a store so I first had to learn how to hunt bait.

So after planting some tomatoes and cucumbers, I found a few worms under some leaves and threw them into a compost pit I started so they could multiply and I began to have a supply of 'grubs' I could use as bait.

I figured out that fish were not stupid and knew they were being hunted at the local pier, so I scouted out other locations and found an area where water flowed through a tunnel during the tides ... this lead to a stream of minnows and shrimp and other food for larger fish to eat ... casting my line there allowed me to catch a good supply of 'brim fish', also known as bait fish to then use to catch larger fish.

These bait fish however were large enough to eat, so instead of using them as bait I dug a firepit and started cooking them over a fire. Being small, I had to pick the meat off the bones with my fingers and there really wasn't much so every tiny piece was an important calorie for my ultimate survival - which is of course the goal of eating.

Side tracking to the fire notes: wood must be "seasoned". Fresh cut wood has a lot of water in it, and that water turns to smoke and makes it harder for it to catch fire. Wood in 'dragon' could have expiration stamps that convert "wet wood" into "seasoned wood" into "rotten wood". The different woods can then alter the expiration timestamps of the fire and fire itself should have multiple stages such as "small fire", "medium fire", and "large fire". My research also points out that 'kindling' is required for starting a fire. Fires in 'dragon' should have a method to add wood to them, which increases the expiration timestamp which when expires should turn into something like 'coals' that could be turned back into a fire without a spark.

I consider all of this "research" for 'dragon basher', and players should expect a much more realistic experience with Dragon Basher. The 'demo' server will be setup so that players will get a certain amount of 'life' (hit points) and every minute it will go down (such as being poisoned in Queville), thus obtaining food will become mandatory - if you don't eat, your player will 'die'. This reduction should happen if the player is online or not, thus being offline will become akin to "sleeping".

This much of the game I have thought out and these notes are to document my thoughts for the development process. I believe this game will be 'fun' to play for the simple fact that all human beings are genetically pre-programmed to survive in a paleo environment. I believe all human beings have a desire to exist in this type of Earthly environment that gets buried by society and civilization in order for their 'world' to exist.

More to come...


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