Dragon Basher: File system concerns

Posted: 02‑20‑2017 18:19


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When I first started 'dragon' I wanted each map to have it's own directory to make it easier to manage. That was before I had the idea of each player having their own server, which creates a problem. Each directory takes some many kilobytes which multiplies quickly when thousands of players need dozens of folders.

I believe we can consolidate everything to two directories, three if you count the players home directory as such:


Now instead of having folders for each map, we simply make the first two letters of the filename the map screen for that object, so we would need to change all the code from "$datadir/$map/[object]" to "$datadir/$map [object]" ... so simply put we change that slash to a space for all filenames.

A lot of work that must be done all at once, but in doing so it makes the idea of player servers much more feasible and based on my experience with mobile games we should do so.

I've already talked to QuaCzar about changing the way we handle cities so that all maps will become a two-character code instead of adding a third for cities like on Queville.

It'll be my project, I'll start working on it after I polish up these fishing routines.

After I finish it, we will be ready to hand over sysop keys to Anarchy members. Unless there are objections due to other issues I haven't thought of?? Worst case scenario we have to reset their server at some point for whatever reason, we can tell them it is in alpha stages until we are ready for beta testing.


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