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Posted: 04‑18‑2017 02:17


Rat Squasher
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As far as ive read, will the Dragon Basher experince be a sort of survival gameplay?

Will we be able to create things ourselves, or are we dependant on the player that had actually made the server/ map to spawn in items etc. http://queville.com/images/buttons/b_save.gif


Posted: 04‑18‑2017 08:38


Fire Flipper
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Things are still being developed so things are fluid, but as of right now anticipate several "modes" of game play, one being a "survival" mode.

Another server may be in another mode such as "flag" mode where there are no hit points so there is no need to hunt and fish, but rather acquire and defend territory.

Ideally, I want every player to have their own server and be able to create their own world. This is problematic as servers take resources, but I'm optimistic that most players won't want to create a world but rather enjoy worlds other players create.

And then there is the idea that servers do take a lot of time to create, which is why I'm optimistic that players will want to band together into tribes to build servers together.

The 'anarchy' server currently online is our template for a player server, which will basically start out as an island. The player will be given a sysop key, which they can replicate and give to other players if they like. Players with a sysop key will be able to edit the game as they desire.

I am also into the idea that server creation can become part of the game, ie: players must collect mud, make bricks, dry bricks, then use those bricks to build the roads. Roads could deteriorate requiring someone to come along and repair them. This could all be another "mode" of game play, and tribes that spend time on their server would have the better servers to attract more players.

This could be extended into the 'enemies', where the supply of enemies goes up and down depending on the amount of hunting ... the idea of 'endangered species' where something could be hunted to extinction ... this was actually something that was supposed to be done in Ultima Online, but they abandoned the idea for 'simple spawning' instead.

Another idea for a "mode" I have is "growing grass" where certain screens can have varying levels of grass and as players walk across them the grass "dies" and becomes dirt. This would create organic paths depending on where players actually walk.

There are limitless ideas on what can be done with this, my goal is to provide a great game engine that can be expanded upon in countless number of ways. We are almost done with the "core" and can then focus on game creation. :)


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Posted: 04‑18‑2017 08:43


Fire Flipper
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Well, it's design should support crafting and such, but a player will probably be able to limit that on a server to create a different kind of game, if they like. Capture the flag isn't as much about making things, but other servers, minigames, quests, etc. are planned to have more extensive multiplayer interactive building, planting, crafting, etc.

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Posted: 04‑18‑2017 08:46


Fire Flipper
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Haha. Joe posted with a more extensive reply after I loaded the topic. ;)

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