Dragon Basher: Starting to think about a bug update

Posted: 08‑17‑2017 20:22


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Starting to think about a bug update, and by bug I mean enemy that eats tomatoes. This will form the core of the combat system, I've been thinking this out and here is what I have in mind:

Being as how we moved all the items away from numeral codes, we now have all the numeral codes available so enemies can now take those spaces. The numeral item codes (A0-A9, B0-B9, etc) are items that can't be picked up or carried by players.

When a tomato expires, the routine which randomly decides if it sprouts into a tomato plant will be programmed to randomly change the tomato into a 'bug' item.

When this item (the bug) expires, it will execute code that will randomly look up down left and right for another tomato (or other food), and if it finds one move to that tile and eat that food also. If it doesn't find food, it could randomly move or something again. When it expires, the code is repeated creating a loop until the bug randomly dies, or a player attacks it.

This would make all enemies in the game programmable with it's own .pl module (ie: g-A0.pl). Some enemies would move around, others would stand still, others could walk a path, others could be programmed to talk and interact with players.

Thus, each enemy will become an item that will get to take a new "turn" in the game when it expires (be it seconds minutes or maybe even hours for larger boss monsters). This would be Perl code, so I doubt players would ever have direct access to edit it so it is more of customized stock enemies that are shared among all servers.

I'm still thinking out the level system and how to store the item's hit points and what not ... being as how each item in the game get it's own file, the data will be stored there - I'm just not sure how elaborate that file should be. I'm thinking it needs to know it's level, hit points, and any weapons and armor.

So there are some thoughts.


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