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Posted: 09‑25‑2017 13:35


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I've been working with module issues. Comments are welcome.

I've been having to remove the CGI module from the main script, and sometimes the sysop script won't run on some systems, so I'm making it load CGI only if present. The sysop script is harder to fix, but it seems possible.

Another semi-related problem surfaced in
a gitHub pull request. I'm basically done making the main script support more systems, but if someone finds a problem, please comment!

Current changes

We try to avoid modules, but if our code is not in cwd, FindBin seems to me to be the best option with wide support, though I may add module-less __FILE__ parsing code as a fallback, if needed. It would be hard to make it support all systems, like VMS, etc., without modules, though. We'd end up duplicating FindBin.

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Posted: 09‑25‑2017 13:48


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My mindset is simple: modules is what killed Perl; if it wasn't for modules, nobody would be using PHP.



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Posted: 09‑25‑2017 16:25


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Stand-alone scripts are much easier to deploy, for sure. The only hard part is supporting so many varied systems, for which a module or something seems not as good as the language itself taking care of it, but often better than trying to do it yourself.

I'm thinking of making a file copy sub to replace File::Copy by simply reading and writing the file.

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