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Posted: 01‑06‑2018 12:01


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Right now the DevTeam Server is not working,

I've been in the process of moving the "load tilesets" routine from the refresh,pl module to the main dragon.cgi script ... this is so all commands will have access to the tilesets, not just the refresh.pl module.

This is important as it will allow us to install "travel boots", fix the Enter City routines, and allow for commands such as "plant" know what tile the player is issuing the command on.

Overall, I'm still trying to figure out how the tilesets work as a whole ... it seems different routines are using them in different ways. Some routines are using an array starting at zero while others are starting at one and others are using variables instead of arrays. ie:

$tileset[0] $tileset[1] $tileset[2] $tileset[3]
$tileset[1] $tileset[2] $tileset[3] $tileset[4]
$tileset1 $tileset2 $tileset3 $tileset4

So I've starting changing all access to the tileset to a new array starting at @ts[0], so the end result will be the tilesets for the four maps on screen stored in these variables:

5ts[0] 5ts[1] 5ts[2] 5ts[3]


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Posted: 01‑20‑2018 00:09


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I'm a bit confused, but that's only temporary. In git, we can make different branches to try until we choose one. It helps me decide how much it takes to make a change, and its effects, before I commit it to the main code. So, it's pretty easy to switch between them or revert to the old version to try something else.

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