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Dragon Basher: water

Posted: 01‑08‑2018 09:28


Fire Flipper
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I've been thinking up an idea of adding a "water" stat that would work similar to "health" (which I'm thinking of re-naming "food").

Water would go down one every one-minute and a player that reaches zero water dies. Drinking from any water source (bucket, well, fountain, pier, canteen, jug) will restore water to full (one hundred).

The "food" stat would be used for combat, so if a player takes a hit it reduces his food level but not the water level (thus, players don't need to carry as much water).

Maybe even have it so that the higher a player's water level, the faster they heal??


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Posted: 01‑19‑2018 23:50


Fire Flipper
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I like this idea. It's unique.

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Posted: 01‑22‑2018 02:48


Bat Slapper
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Sounds like you are trying to make a game like PubG or 7 days to die. Queville had its on uniqueness about it. Hate to see the game die like this =(

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Posted: 01‑22‑2018 08:17


Fire Flipper
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I have no idea what those games are and have honestly never heard of them. :)

I'm just trying to make use of the items that are in the game, such as the wells and fountains and rivers.


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