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Posted: 10‑03‑2012 03:47


Fire Flipper
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This is my guide or FAQ for the P2P features, which I posted when the update was new, and last edited on January 31, 2015. Feel free to post comments or questions. :)

What is P2P?
P2P stands for Pay to Play. In exchange for helping to pay for the site, you receive extra benefits. Keep reading for more on these benefits.

How do you get P2P?
There are two ways:
1. On these forums: Click on the in the sidebar on the left under the logout button for details. (You must be logged in.) There may be a small delay processing the transaction. Sometimes logging out and back in, or reloading the client, can help. If you have any trouble, send Joe a PM, and he'll investigate. If you want, you can send me one, too, just in case. You will know you have P2P when you see the benefits, below, but most information can be found when you click the P2P hat in the sidebar:

2. In game, while fishing, mining, or chopping down trees, you may find a treasure chest. If the chest contains a silver coin, you may exchange it for 3 days of free full P2P at the P2P cart in the top left corner of the castle courtyard. Grab a Player Hat while you are there...

P2P Benefits in Game
Player Hat: You may claim a player hat at the P2P cart in the top left corner of the castle courtyard. You then may teleport to the player house, castle, Oakland, Butler, and the badlands gate from any location while wearing the hat. (Click on it for the menu, like with other items.) The hat also protects you from being attacked by monsters, as long as you don't attack them first. Other players can still attack you in the badlands.
P2P Quests: Some quests are expanded for P2P members, giving opportunities to acquire P2P quest items, which can then be sold to free players to aid in completing these quests.
P2P Area: You will be able to enter the P2P area, including:
* Lava Mountain, which is a huge volcano where lava can be mined at level 80, King's Guards fight Que's Henchmen, and hidden areas and P2P items can be discovered, such as rare Lava Troll Fire Axes and the Evil Que's hard-to-acquire robes,
* Calabash, where fish is barreled free and level 80 fishers may catch Shark,
* Crystal Cave is an underground arctic area which has a rocky entrance that can be seen from the ocean near the bottom of the map, and contains some secrets and powers, including the Pool of Radiance, which can be used as a sort of fire extinguisher, guarded by a Yeti.
* Members' Island is an island off of Calabash that is in development. You can get a sneak peak by boating off the dock outside Calabash.
To get to the P2P area, you can either cross the bridge under Oakland, go through the gate in the badlands wall wearing lava boots, or take the P2P Member Teleport to Calabash. This teleport can only be found by P2P members in front of the travel store that is one screen left of the badlands guard.
P2P items that can only be used by P2P players include Player Hats and the P2P Member Teleport to Calabash, both mentioned above. There is a quest item available to all players which enables extra content for P2P players. There are also stores, a free fish barreler, and more!
P2P items that can be shared or sold to paying and free players include Lava Ore, Clubs (which are especially powerful against rabbits,) Fire Axes, Evil Que Robes, Lava Crawlers, and Shark. Also, during some holiday events, scrooge hats and gold new year hats, which anyone can wear, have been given to paying players. A few have also been dropped by Joe at parties.
P2P enemies that only P2P players can fight include The Evil Que, the Lava Wizard, Yeti, and lava variants of rats, bats and other familiar creatures. Though most of the lava creatures are much stronger than their "normal" relatives, the lava seems to affect a few in different ways.
P2P Benefits on the Forums
* Your message box will be able to hold thousands of PMs, and you will have a message search feature in your inbox, under the bar showing your message space.
* You will be able to post polls on the forums.
* More features coming...

How does the P2P hat help training?
Here are some skills the P2P hat makes more fun:

There are two ways P2P can improve combat, with P2P weapons or enemies:
Clubs are dropped by the Yeti, and kill rabbits rather easily, as well as providing a large amount of weapon for other enemies.
Zombies can be killed easily by a pickaxe, and give more exp than rabbits. There is also a sewer with many zombies in one small area. The advantage is offset by danger, because this is a PvP area, where players may fight over the exp. There is also the danger of accidentally drinking a potion that turns you into a zombie, making you easier to kill.

Arson can already be trained at the badlands gate very effectively, as well as a couple other spots in the badlands. P2P lets you move very little, yet through 1 or 2 teleports, between a log pile and that same fire pit, which is a fun method. ;)

Just teleport to castle, then take that teleport to the log pile. Once you have a full load, teleport to the badlands to light them on fire, then start over.

Here are some methods I like. Choose one that's good for you, or find your own. :)

Badlands Mining
You need only a pick and the player hat for this method. Teleport to badlands, go to get iron or coal, which are close by, then teleport to Oakland to smith it. No boots necessary, though it makes it easier to get between the mines. If you bring boots, though, you might as well use the guild if you have 60 Mining. The giants, goats and spiders that guard the mines won't attack you while you are wearing the player hat. ;)

Guild Mining
You need level 60 mining, a pick, boots and the player hat for this method. I get my ore, then teleport to Oakland to smith it. The goat won't attack you while you wear the hat. ;)

Ore Storage for Smithing
You can also just bring a pick and the hat to fill your inventory with ores from any convenient mine, then teleport to the house to store the ore and go back for more. Once the house is full, it's about as far from the house teleport to the player store, where you can also store up to 99 ore by choosing the red X as the price. Then you can drop the pick to get fire or matches, so you have player hat, fire, and ore. Just teleport to Oakland to smith and back until you are out of ore, getting fire or matches as necessary. (See the notes on Arson for hints on getting fire with P2P.)

For more on how to get items fast with P2P teleports, see Page 2.

-QuaCzar : SysOp | P2P Guide | Anarchy Leader | #1 Magic


Posted: 05‑09‑2013 12:06


Troll Trasher
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P2P for life!


Posted: 05‑09‑2013 12:33


Minotaur Maker
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Must say P2P has turned out to be a most successful update. :) Love it!

"Consilio Non Petu" - *By Wisdom, Not Force*


Posted: 05‑09‑2013 15:35


Fire Flipper
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I think it makes for a good update. It keeps things fair for free players, but gives paying members a lot of perks for their money - and at less than 14 cents per day it is very affordable.

I have plans for more perks. Being as how the forums don't affect the high scores, it is more than fair to give paying player forum perks.

This is why I'm working on a major forum overhaul, so I can add a lot of new features for paying members. For example, I want to give paying members storage space to upload screen snapshots so they won't have to use an external image host.


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Posted: 05‑09‑2013 15:46


Minotaur Maker
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Joe said:

This is why I'm working on a major forum overhaul, so I can add a lot of new features for paying members. For example, I want to give paying members storage space to upload screen snapshots so they won't have to use an external image host.


Sounds AWESOME! :) I'll deff keep P2P :P What can I say?! I see the light at the end of the tunnel :)

"Consilio Non Petu" - *By Wisdom, Not Force*


Posted: 05‑31‑2014 22:38


Fire Flipper
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I just updated this guide. Let me know if I left something out. Thanks!

-QuaCzar : SysOp | P2P Guide | Anarchy Leader | #1 Magic


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