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Posted: 04‑06‑2011 05:36


Ghost Grabber
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You just demolished everything I was aiming for or had achieved on Queville. Now I cant equip My Diamond ring, what a waste of money, as I never will be able to.

I cant equip my cape,

and I wont be able to equip a magic robe once I get the combat level...

What to do now........


Posted: 04‑06‑2011 05:37


Ghost Grabber
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*Once the updates come online, according to the guide.


Posted: 04‑06‑2011 05:42


Ghost Grabber
831 posts
And I wont be able to equip a magic robe once I get the magic level 60*


Posted: 04‑06‑2011 07:35


Goblin Chaser
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On the bright side, it will be easier to train magic now.


Posted: 04‑06‑2011 08:03


Fire Flipper
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Rings went back up in value, now that they can be used as shields, instead of finding treasure.

The stuff did change a lot, though, shocking me at first. The old magic items went up in level, making room for the rings' new ability, but also meaning everyone except allerynn will need to train to wear the new robe item. On the flipside, old range items, and some combat items, came down in level.

There are also changes in the bonuses items give. Magic headgear, cape, and robes no longer give a weapon bonus along with the armor. Some of the items we are used to wearing while using any skill now don't work for range (helms and magic hats) or work differently for different skills (leather and cape).

I think combat is the least affected skill, and low level things are generally less affected, as well.

With the recent changes, and new skill, the playing field has been lowered somewhat, but the adjustment is for the game's overall good. I'm sure it will feel like it always belonged this way when we get used to it. If anyone is still angry, the new skill seems rather appropriate for a time like this. ;)

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Posted: 04‑06‑2011 10:57


Fire Flipper
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Well considering the ring currently has no combat stats, what difference does it make if you can wear it or not??

I don't feel adding +8 armor ruining things, I'm making the ring better. And you will earn x3 the experience, so getting the level to wear it will be a lot easier.

I don't think many people are going to be complaining when this update goes live ... everything is going to be easier, especially for levels 60 and up.


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