Skills: EXP/HR very rough estimates

Posted: 05‑22‑2014 12:15


Rat Squasher
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These are some exp per hour for the high level players. You will see no flounders here:)

lobster 420 every hour 14 exp 5880 exp total
arson 600 every hr with p2p 6 exp/12 with match logs: 3600 exp total
mining coal 18 exp iron 12 exp w/o p2p 6 iron 12 coal 432/hr 6912 exp total
mining w/p2p coal 18exp iron 12 exp 6 iron 12 coal 439/hr 7992 exp total
combat 240 ants an hr at 20 exp each 4800 exp total

I didn't include the exp with matches, because that would be beyond rough exp. The exp per hour is with p2p only using the p2p hat to castle. warping to log pile, picking up logs, using the warp to badlands to burn, and back to castle/repeat. Take note of my arson level as I said logs give 6 exp per, but it will be different at other arson levels.

The mining and fishing doesn't include power mining. This is the time it took me to do all these methods with the cooking and smithing. In the hour I was doing these experiments I was using a stop watch that was counting down the hour while I was doing both the cooking or smithing, so for power miners exp per hour is obviously higher.

For combat or the other combat skills like range and melee I haven't really bothered, but you can see I included ants as an example. You can tell that the highest exp is in mining obviously. With p2p mining that extra six iron and one coal you can mine really makes a significant difference in exp.

The p2p mining/smithing I used the p2p hat to castle, warped to log pile, picked up three, p2p hat to oakland, walked to mine, after I got 6 iron and 12 coal I used p2p hat to oakland, walk up one screen to smith, p2p hat to oakland, banked, walked to mine/repeat. Every two trips the furnace goes out so I didn't have to p2p to castle every time.

I hope you will find this useful for you. Like I said it's very rough estimates as I used a stop watch, but it will be very close each and every time.

Might add more on to this later if anyone is interested. Sorry no sharks, I'm not that high yet. There is a possibilty that is a higher overall exp total however than mining or very close.


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Fire Flipper
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Good to know


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Rat Squasher
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UsMarine said:

Good to know

Yeah, it's nice to know that from 70-80 it will be approximately 50-60 hours of gaming time.

If you play roughly 5 hours a day you can reach level 99 in fishing in approximately 9 months wtih lobsters. Of course sharks were added so it would be a lot less.

I don't want to compare this to runescape, but a 99 in runescape should take you roughly 3 months while the more experienced skills around 6 months.

This proves that 99 is possible if you keep it up. Not going to lie though, the exp skill table could be narrowed a tiny bit in exp.

9 months per skill is truely for the hardcore:P

80 is very manageable though, and I'm sure Joe has some new methods in store for us.


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