Skills: Finally Number 1

Posted: 07‑10‑2014 05:27


Goblin Chaser
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I have put alot of Dedication and heart into being number 1 in fishing.(Now i am finally the best fisher), cooking will come later because its harder and more time consuming. i hope to be a legendary queville player one day and this is one of many milestones it takes to become one. It took me about a year to comeplete because i wasnt always on,but this is my biggest achievement that i have completed. i intend to keep fishing to be the first to 99 because that would be epic and amazing.I just wanted to post this because i am now one of the Elite players like one of my friends on here (spike), as you know he has 90 combat so i wouldnt meet him in the badlands,but now i have a skill that i can call mine!!

Thanks for Reading!!!

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Posted: 07‑11‑2014 19:00


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Posted: 07‑12‑2014 00:09


Bat Slapper
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Congraz!!! now your almost #1 cooking keep it up and thats a good way to represent the ACE clan =)

ACE Clan
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Posted: 07‑12‑2014 00:52


Fire Flipper
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Huge accomplishment, congrats! :)


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Posted: 07‑12‑2014 15:23


Goat Herder
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I am getting 90 range soon :D so that's another goal for me this summer :D



Posted: 07‑12‑2014 18:09


Fire Flipper
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