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Skills: 1m fishing exp

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Posted: 05‑20‑2015 05:38


Goat Herder
273 posts
Here it is guys cause I can't kill anything:



Posted: 05‑20‑2015 09:17


Bat Slapper
47 posts
conga rats!

Things that fail to kill me, make me level up!


Posted: 05‑20‑2015 11:36


Goat Herder
273 posts
thanks :D



Posted: 05‑21‑2015 13:54


Fire Flipper
1824 posts

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Posted: 05‑23‑2015 20:40


Troll Trasher
153 posts
Congrats man! I see that you are using travel boots while fishing, might be nice to free up a slot on your inventory for more xp.


Posted: 05‑24‑2015 15:10


Ghost Grabber
617 posts

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