Suggestions: Weekly Overall Experience hiscores

Posted: 10‑01‑2014 17:25


Rat Squasher
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I would like to see a hiscores that displays who gained the most xp during the week. It would help create some competition and it would show who is active each week and how active they are.


Posted: 10‑01‑2014 19:45


Fire Flipper
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It is a good suggestion, but there is no room on the schedule for a high scores update in the immediate future.

I'd also like to do an "active" high-scores that only includes players that have logged on within the last xx days/months.

Might happen one day. :)


DevTeam Member


Posted: 10‑01‑2014 19:51


Fire Flipper
1824 posts
Anybody could just save the highscores, or certain profile pages, and compare with the next week. That's how I do it for clans. I could post it for players, as well. I haven't, yet, because some people don't like to be on such player-generated lists, but I could always remove them upon request. I might do that, unless I get too many objections.

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Posted: 10‑12‑2014 01:53


Fire Flipper
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