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Combat Guide

Posted: 12-26-2008 by Joe

You can fight for honor and valor, or just for the loot ... there is no shortage of battle on Queville!

Combat is the default fighting system, so if you are not wielding a weapon you will be training the "Combat" skill. Simply click an enemy and select "Attack" to fight. Only one player can combat an enemy at a time.

You can retreat at any time by walking away from the fight. If your hit points drop below zero, your character will "die". You will drop any items you are carrying and be reset back to Buckingham.

Every two seconds is a new round of combat, in each round either you or the monster you are fighting will land a hit. The higher your level, the harder you can hit - and the higher the monster's level, the harder it can hit.

With weapons and armor, you can hit harder and defend yourself better. As you raise your combat level, you can use better items:

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