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Magic Guide

Posted: 01-04-2009 by Joe
MAGIC WANDS: To charge a wand, click a gem in your inventory and select "Charge Wand". You need level 16 to charge an emerald wand, level 46 to charge a ruby wand, and level 72 to charge a diamond wand.

COMBAT: By wielding your wand, it will act as a weapon and cast spells at enemies. The better the wand, the more damage it will do. If you kill an enemy using your wand, you will gain Magic Experience.

CASTING SPELLS: By clicking on a wand in your inventory, you can cast a spell. Spells last for 1 minute, and they only work on the screen you cast the spell on. You cannot cast a second spell on the same screen, you must either wait for it to expire or move to a new screen. The better your wand, the more powerful the spell.

Strength Spell: weapon boost, but only on "combat" weapons (swords).
Accuracy Spell: weapon boost to projectile weapons (magic and range).
Defense Spell: armor boost.

TELEPORTS: Many cities have Teleports which can transport you to new maps. After you use a teleport, you must wait 1 minute before you can use it again. You will earn 1 magic experience for every teleport you use.

MAGIC GUILD: Just north of the Player House is a teleport that takes you to a magical island where the magicians have established their Guild. You will need level 60 magic to levitate to the Guild.

Inside the Guild, you can purchase Magic Robes. These robes are a clothing option, so you don't need to carry anything in your inventory to carry them; you cannot drop them or lose them if you die. However, if you change your clothing at any of the clothing shops you will lose your robes and need to purchase them again. They give you +9 Armor and +2 Weapon.

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