Player vs Player

Posted: 01-25-2009 by Joe

The "Badlands" is an area of the map that is not patrolled by the King's Guards. In this area, players can attack each other to earn PVP experience. An area is marked as Badlands! by a skull and crossbones in the lower right hand corner of the game map.

You will earn experience if you kill your opponent, or if your opponent kills you. When you die in the Badlands, you drop all your items and are returned to the Badlands entrance.

Only one player can attack a player at a time, however an unlimited number of rangers can attack a player regardless of if that player is already engaged in combat or not. To help balance this out, your arrows only do half the normal damage while the player is in combat with another player, and a ranger will earn no experience what-so-ever for the kill.


Located in the Badlands! is a "flagpole". If you "Tag Flagpole", your flag will be flying. In order to tag the flagpole, you must be wearing an armband which can be found to the East of the flagpole.

While your flag is flying, you will earn one extra PVP experience point for every player that gets killed on the screen with the flagpole. It does not matter who kills who, but you can only earn 1 extra experience point for every 2-second "tick" cycle.


Also note that it is possible to poison another player if you can find a Poisoned Weapon. These rare items are only sold by a mysterious trader who makes random appearances in various cities throughout Queville. When the trader appears, he will stay in the city for exactly one minute. During this minute, you can purchase a rare item he has smuggled in from other games for a random price. The item and price will remain static for the 1 minute, but can change when he makes his next appearance. There will only be one trader in the game at any given point in time.

If you have a poisoned weapon in your inventory, and you attack a player that is not poisoned, then the poisoned weapon will be used. A poisoned player will lose hit points every minute (instead of regenerating a hit point), and can be healed by drinking a dose of "Cure Poison" or by visiting the doctor in Swampville.

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