Title: Important Information
Date: 12‑22‑2008 06:46
Category: DevTeam
  The player database has been reset, all players must create a new character to play. I know many will be upset over this, but I assure you we did not make this decision without a lot of thought and decided it was the absolute best way to proceed. Please refer to this post for detailed information on why this was done.

Which brings up the second piece of news, we now have our own forums! Many players have requested this feature, and I am pleased that we finally got them online. I would have liked more time to test and debug, but we wanted them online for the Christmas update.

Which brings us to the third piece of news, the update. Most of the update is a conversion to Queville. Please see this post for an explanation of what happened to Fordana.

Ok, so everyone has a fresh start and we are all on the same page. To make things more exciting, we have reactivated the high scores! So quit wasting your time reading this, and start playing the all new Queville!


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