Title: Players Cheating
Date: 05‑07‑2009 04:10
Category: DevTeam
  I have now spent a considerable amount of time chasing down a particular cheater who felt that he was better than other players by exploiting a bug to duplicate items within the game.

While his abuse was not widespread, it ticks me off that instead of reporting this bug to me, he decided to exploit it in an attempt to impress other players. If he really wants to impress other players, he should write his own game instead of trying to hack mine - delaying my work on Queville does not impress anyone but himself; I am pretty sure most players would have preferred I spent all this time working on the next update.

I have already banned 5 players, who seem to be the "core" of the group. I am preparing to go through the user base with a fine tooth comb, and if you received "gifts" from this individual and knew he was obtaining them by cheating, I suggest you get rid of them quickly - and I don't mean spend it or give it to a mule; I mean find a nice quiet screen where you can drop it and watch it fade away. Easy come, easy go.

If you are aware of any bugs within Queville, please report them on the BUGS forum. If you feel a particular bug has a high potential for abuse, you can send me a private message instead.

A big thank you to the honest players that reported this to me both on the forums and in private messages.


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