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Title: Gearing up...
Date: 09‑02‑2009 01:14
Category: DevTeam
  I am gearing up for another season of development. I have placed a blank page on the top of the clipboard and have started to plan out things I want to get done.

Near the top of the list is a "Clans" section to the website where players will be able to create and join clans. Initially, I was only planning this to be a simple expansion of the high score table ... but based to the popularity of the Clan forum, I have made the decision that this should be a much larger addition to the game.

So I am planning to allow clans to assign member ranks, declare wars, sign trade pacts, and other such matters of important clan business. I see this being a game changer, creating a sub-game for the main website.

So please be patient and know that work is being done! The "V Update" is not far away ... and new features are coming soon!


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