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Title: Server Reboots
Date: 09‑14‑2009 03:03
Category: DevTeam
  I am still not sure what is causing the server to reboot itself; it is odd that this has started after the last update - especially since it had been running fine for over three months straight.

Because the hard drive is not unmounted properly before the reboot, the operating system forces a manual FSCK command to fix any errors. I have added a "TORAM" cheat code that loads Linux onto the RAM drive; the advantage to this is that the system will reboot without the manual intervention. The disadvantage is that it will take some memory from the server.

This means that instead of the server being offline until I check on it, it will only be offline a few minutes to reboot. As a precaution, I have created a backup of all player and house files.

An improvement to the game server is in the works. We hope for a more powerful computer that can run a more powerful operating system. I don't know how long it will be, but we are working on it.


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