Title: Houston we have a problem...
Date: 11‑06‑2009 15:54
Category: DevTeam
  I hope you are sitting down, because I have some bad news.

The server once again overheated, only this time ... it will not reboot. I believe the CPU has been fried.

I will do my best to restore service as quickly as I can. I believe the best option is to purchase a new server.

It will take time to set everything up, please be patient with me.

UPDATE: I have acquired a new server. It has been sitting for some time and needs a good cleaning. I hope I can just swap the hard drive and have it running sometime this evening! : )

UPDATE: I have the new server ready to run, the only drawback is that it only has 256mb of memory. I have more memory, but need to find it ... as soon as I dig it up, the server will be back online!


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