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Title: Forum Logins
Date: 12‑18‑2009 19:07
Category: DevTeam
  It seems we ran out of hard drive space on our webserver, and when players logged in there was no room to re-save their accounts.

As a result, we lost data files for about two dozen players that attempted to login over the last 24 hours.

I restored backup accounts for most of these players; everything should now function normally for you. The only thing that should be affected is your last login, which means most of the forum posts will be marked as "new" when they are not actually new.

I was unable to restore only a couple of accounts, mostly more recent signups that did not have backups on file. If your forum account does not exist, all you need to do is re-register.

I do not know the extent of damage this did; there may be lost posts, the search index may be incomplete, and who knows what else. If you experience any problems with the forums, please post in BUGS forum or send me a MESSAGE.

I would really like to be working on the update, but it seems most of my time is being monopolized with data recovery, for which I do apologize.

Also, players may be interested to know that I will put up a Christmas Tree over the holidays so you can get a Santy Hat if you do not already have one ... and I plan to do a Candy Drop as well. See you on Christmas!


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