Title: Merry Christmas
Date: 12‑23‑2009 19:09
Category: DevTeam
  In the spirit of Christmas, I have put up a Christmas Tree at the player house that players can search and find a Santy Hat!

Over the next several days, I will be randomly dropping Candy Canes! These Candy Canes will replace your Halloween Candy and heal *ALL* of your hit points!

In the future, I will continue to update the Candy to appropriate seasonal items. It seems like a good way to keep in the holiday spirit. : )

Remember that the creation of "mules" is not acceptable and after the holidays I will scan the player base and remove any accounts that are created for the sole purpose of storing holiday items! I drop these items so players can have more fun, not for get rich quick schemes!

Merry Christmas ... have fun everyone!!!


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