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Title: X Update
Date: 04‑27‑2010 21:43
Category: DevTeam
  Due to the computer problems I have been having over the last few months, the development progress has been stalled.

But I am very pleased to report that I just finished putting the much anticipated "X" update online! I posted a message in the DEVTEAM forum detailing the changes.

Ok ... and now the second piece of big news: The Clan Module is finished and I am about to turn it online right now!

Please know that this is an experimental module and I do expect mishaps. Please report any problems or bugs you discover in the BUGS forum.

No clan jacking please! If you are not the original founding creator of the clan, please do not try to jack that clan's name. I can envision a problem here, and I don't have time for such problems! This is the one and only warning!


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