Title: Operating System Upgrade
Date: 10‑09‑2010 22:34
Category: DevTeam
  UPDATE: The new monitor now works correctly, but for some reason the mouse is no longer responding ... wow ... what a pain this has been!

UPDATE: I have the new OS running ... but there is still a problem with the new monitor I purchased, as the OS keeps trying to use the old one which prevents it from booting correctly. I'll figure something out, for now everything at the players' end should be functioning properly.

UPDATE: The server is having a problem rebooting after the OS update. For right now, the status is "I'm working on it".

Just a quick notice to let players know there may be some server outage as I begin to update the operating system to the latest version. This process should take about 2 hours, but the server should be online for most of it.


REMINDER: There are *NO* authorized 3rd Party clients for Queville at all! NONE!

The use of such a client is a violation of the Terms of Service, and is also a serious threat to your account as using a 3rd party client gives your password to the 3rd party! So please don't come crying to me that your password was stolen because you were trying to cheat.

If you have downloaded anything claiming to be a Queville client, I highly recommend you run a virus check on your computer.


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