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Title: Domain Renewal
Date: 11‑30‑2010 17:42
Category: DevTeam
  There was a problem renewing the domain our "Name Server" is on, and some users may have noticed some outage today.

I have a temporary fix in place, but will need to go back and fix it correctly. But I'll try to do this at two in the morning when few people are online anyway.


REMINDER: There are *NO* authorized 3rd Party clients for Queville at all! NONE!

The use of such a client is a violation of the Terms of Service, and is also a serious threat to your account as using a 3rd party client gives your password to the 3rd party! So please don't come crying to me that your password was stolen because you were trying to cheat.

If you have downloaded anything claiming to be a Queville client, I highly recommend you run a virus check on your computer.


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