Title: Official Google App
Date: 04‑03‑2011 13:59
Category: DevTeam
  As of right now, Queville is an official Google App being sold (for free) at the Chrome Webstore.

For those of you not familiar with Chrome Apps, this means you can 'install' Queville as a browser app. Then, when you open your Chrome Browser there will be an icon that takes you to Queville.

I'm not sold on the notion that this is the "future" for websites, as it basically just resembles a glorified bookmark scheme. However, when the Chrome OS is released this may very well be a good thing.

Either way, the purpose of the Chrome App Store is to make it easier for users to find "Web Apps" ... and since we want users to find us, it is a good thing for us to to be listed there.

You can install the Queville Web App on Chrome here, as well as rate and review it:

Google Chrome WebApp Store


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