Title: An Evil presence is being felt...
Date: 10‑24‑2011 19:11
Category: Website
  An Evil presence is being felt across Queville, as computer characters and players alike cower in fear...

In addition to the Evil Que, the high scores module has been update to include the number of bones you turn in to him. As well, the Clan Scores has gone through a major overhaul, and Clans can now be ranked by skill. And your High Score rank has been added to your Profile.

This update brings about a lot of interesting quest puzzle pieces, but not exactly a quest yet and if you follow it leads to a dead end. The Castle Bar is in place, the King has dialog, Lumber girl is replaced with Marvin and a new Goblin quest.

The Forum Message system has been improved; everyone should now have room to save 100 messages. Players that opt to pay-to-play will be given room to save at least 1,000 messages.


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