Title: 2011 Ends Strong...
Date: 12‑29‑2011 16:48
Category: DevTeam
  ... as of now, December has brought us the most number of "unique visitors" of the year. While the transition to Queville has been long and hard, this shows that hard work pays off and that we can do it.

This is an exciting time at Queville, as many of the things I've been planning and designing over the years are now marked "done" and my list of "things to do" is becoming more narrowly focused.

Development tools are now mature, and what used to take hours can be done in minutes. Progress is being made at record pace, even during the slow season more gets accomplished in what little time is available.

Expect more updates, including a "pay-to-play" option, new quests with new items, and a lot more exciting adventures in the upcoming 2012 year.

In celebration of this New Year, I will be activating the random Candy Drop for it and possibly dropping some New Years Hats as well.


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