Title: Black Friday Mod 2
Date: 11‑17‑2013 19:34
Category: DevTeam
  We will be introducing a new holiday item into the game the week of Thanksgiving - a silver coin.

This coin can be traded to other players and sold in the player store, but it isn't considered "gold" and the shops will not accept it for any goods. They will only be in-game over the week of Thanksgiving, after which they may (or may not) become available again next year.

There is speculation within DevTeam that these coins may eventually be used to buy and sell other holiday items in the future. Their use for right now is considered "unknown".

An amendment to our previous news, there will be no sale on renewable items this year. It is complicated to alter the shop prices, as it would require a ground item reset across the entire world. Not happening. I much prefer the rolling updates we've been using - there is less potential for something to go wrong.

There will also be a turkey drop, and a surprise special use for turkey as well. Going to be a Happy Thanksgiving!


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