Title: Free PayToPlay Now Available
Date: 05‑10‑2014 09:44
Category: DevTeam
  You can now get all the benefits of pay-to-play for free!

The "Player Hat Cart" located inside the Castle will now exchange a Silver Coin for 3 days of paid membership! You can find these coins inside of Treasure Chests.

Plus, there is a new "Silver Chest" West of Oakland. To open this chest, you need a Silver Key (also found inside of Treasure Chests).

The Silver Chest is much like a Treasure Chest, only instead of giving you one item it will give you multiple items; it is a super chest!

I have also removed all the junk from the chests - there are no longer Mountain Boots and single matches. And the higher your level, the more gold it will give you - up to a 1k coin!

Overall, this is a huge improvement that will make finding Treasure Chests fun and exciting again! I hope everyone has fun playing!


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