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Posted: 11‑04‑2015 19:21


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EDIT: This thread has been renamed from "Win7" as I will be posting a new thread on using ActiveState Perl to run 'dragon' directly from Windows without a Linux virtual box, virtual box being how I have traditionally worked on Queville.

This is how I do it: first, you need to install VirtualBox (free):


Then download a .iso disk image of Linux, because we are running in a virtual box, I recommend an old version that will take less memory and cpu - I use Ubuntu 10.4:


Okay - run Virtual Box and select the "New" button to create a new virtual box. Name it Ubuntu or something, assign it some memory, and create a new virtual hard drive of about 8 gigabytes.

Under "Settings" for this virtual box, select "storage" and find the option to insert the .iso Ubuntu .iso image you downloaded into the virtual box's CD player. It is a little CD icon on the right under "Attributes" to the right od "CD/DVD Player".

You are now ready to "Start" the virtual box, which could take a long time - it will load the LiveCD of Ubuntu into a Window. Once it is done, select the option to Install Ubuntu, which could also take a long time (up to hours depending on your hardware). This is a one-time thing.

When done, you will have a complete Ubuntu computer running inside a Window! The first thing you should do is look for the "Devices > Install Guest Additions CD Image", that allows you to stretch the desktop to match the window size and makes it a lot nicer to use.

This thread explains how to update your outdated Ubuntu. there are basically five lines to insert into a Terminal:


sudo sed -i -re 's/([a-z]{2}\.)?archive.ubuntu.com|security.ubuntu.com/old-releases.ubuntu.com/g' /etc/apt/sources.list
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install update-manager-core
sudo do-release-upgrade

From here you need to install and setup the Apache webserver, and then download and install the 'dragon' source code.

In theory, you should be able to access your server via your IP address (with the right router and firewall settings). I myself don't actually do that, but do use it to edit the source code using the BlueFish test editor (available in the repositories).

It is my hope that maybe if I post this and players go through the trouble of doing it, we might be able to get some more programmers in DevTeam. If anyone makes it this far, let me know.


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