Dragon Basher: version 1g update

Posted: 12‑12‑2015 18:32


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Okay - my job is done and we are waiting for QuaCzar to tidy up and then I'll start zip'ing this update together ... in the meantime, I want to give players some info on what we are about to release:

When you press a key to type, a chat window will appear with a Queville style cursor (so we are capturing our own input and processing it instead of using the default browser text fields). This window can be moved and resized and has tabs on the top.

Chat will be global on a per server basis, so if you are on the Queville server a player in Oakland will hear you in the Castle. There will be team chat so if you are wearing a Red Bandana you will chat with other players wearing the Red Bandana, and if you are wearing the Blue Bandana you will chat with other players wearing the Blue Bandana.

Ultimately, there will be tabs for private chat with players and perhaps clan chats and other exciting uses for this ... such as being able to log events and popups.

QuaCzar has a lot into this and you will be amazed - I feel that with the global chat there will be more people playing the dragon demo than there would be playing on Server Two - this chat update is a total game changer!


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