Dragon Basher: Status Report.....

Posted: 05‑15‑2016 07:43


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QuaCzar and myself have been pulled away for real-life concerns, but we are both fully commuted to completing this project.

Item codes will no longer contain a numeral, but rather be an upper case letter followed by a lower case letter. This will make their display easier on the graphics viewer and make it easier and faster for the processor to validate item codes.

Right now, all graphics have been renamed and most of the code is in place for the new item codes, with only a few special use items hardcoded and needing to be updated in the code.

A new "key" item can be obtained by entering a "/key" command that will put a Sysop key in your inventory - when clicked this key will have Sysop functions to do things like add buildings to the game and create items in your inventory.

After this update, we will focus on getting the tile editor imported from the old code which will then give players the ability to start drawing maps. After this update I want to start on code so that every player name is also a server name and the player with that name gets sysop access.

I should be able to find some free time in coming weeks ... I'm putting on the polishing touches for the update now, which will mostly be a graphics update to bring the player server in-sync with the DevTeam server.


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